Welcome Slave

I am adding new slaves to my stable. Slaves, pigs, dogs, fools, sissys, cuckolds, and so on.

They love degradation, humiliation, CBT, foot worship, role-play, bondage and physical punishments.

They often enjoy chastity, torture (both mental and physical), imprisonment, cruel predicaments, mind games, cross dressing and fear play.

They know their place is beneath a woman and long to serve a Goddess.

They are eager to amuse Me. To serve Me. To obey Me. To worship Me.

When appearing before my altar they will lower their foolish heads in shame and give thanks for their chance to worship my feet.

They will make themselves small, tuck their dicks and speak in hushed tones. Eyes downcast.

Cruel and strict and I have little patience for excuses or bad behavior.

This is a luxury and religion. You are here to worship. You must obey.

My breasts are a trap. If you ever have the opportunity to be close to them, know that you are in a lot of danger.

The key to your locked dick is very likely to end up here.

You are likely to do stupid and foolish things to entertain me.

You are likely to be sacrificed for my happiness.

That is a slave's purpose.






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